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Favela é Isso Aí team, through the Banco da Memória Project, has been researching and registering the social and cultural manifestations of the favelas in Belo Horizonte. As a result, we have successfully brought together a cultural data bank, with information about artistic production and history of the favelas in Belo Horizonte, including photos, videos, testimonies and stories. This material is available to the public at a customized hotsite for each community and throughout other medias, such as newspapers and radio talk shows.

The general purpose of the Project is to establish a connection between the favelas communities and the rest of the city, to publicize the art work developed in those communities and to help to change the way they are perceived by the public.

All the work is accomplished by the NGO along with the interns chosen from each community. Under the supervision of Favela é Isso Aí, these youngsters are responsible for researching within the community, determining the artistic highlights, developing texts and guidelines, recording statements and taking photos.

An average of two people from each community is responsible for the Banco da Memória assemblage and maintenance. They are also enabled for the work throughout formal training and field practice. It is also important to highlight that, more than mere spectators, they bring their specific knowledge on the community and their unique and exemplary view of the art context of the favelas.

The Project has already registered 33 communities between July 2005 and December 2008.

The data can be read in Portuguese at the link:

The objective is to include all of the communities of favelas of Belo Horizonte in the Banco da Memória, each with its own website. In 2009 we will also start researching other communities of the Great Belo Horizonte area and other cities of Minas Gerais State.