Memory Bank and Favela DATA

The social and cultural research works are essentials for the NGO’s work, since it´s foundation, as the Villages and Favelas Cultural Guide.

After that, was created the Memory Bank, which is still used to register the cultural manifestations from Belo Horizonte’s villages and favelas, with the help of young bursars from those communities.

The accomplishment of researches ordered by third parties, focused on the culture and on the socioeconomic profiles of the the villages and favelas resulted on the creation of the Favela DATA, project that contributed with the NGO’s sustainability.

Favela News

The News Agency Favela é Isso Aí has been making a good job on the divulgation of the artistic works from the communities with the production of a bimonthly printed newspaper; the divulgation of a electronic report every couple of weeks; press releases for cultural groups and events and guidelines dispatches to the main media networks from Minas Gerais.

The Popular Communication Agency has been acting with great success on the divulgation of the works and was able to accomplish a new relationship between the villages and favelas and the media networks, stimulating the covering of several cultural events produced by or with the villages and favelas’ artists. Today the NGO has become a reference to the press on the search of sources for cultural covering of these works.

Prose and Poetry Collection on the Headland

The researches made by the NGO also resulted on a five books collection about the communities culture, named “Prose and Poetry on the Headland”, released on July 2008.

The first Volume – “Memory Bank” – is an update of the Cultural Guide of the Villages and Favelas, and tells with rich details the history of the 18 villages and favelas from Belo Horizonte.

The second Volume – “Recipes from the Community” – has several dishes recipes from the villages and favelas’ locals and solidary economy groups from the community.

The third Volume – “Literary Production” – is a collection from the best texts written by the favelas’ artists and picked by a public concourse.

The fourth Volume – “Essays” – brings together professional articles connected to the social science area, communication and human sciences.

The fifth Volume is a presentation from the crafty works, solo and group made, from the villages and favelas.

Audiovisual Core

From the experience of producing documentaries brought from the last few years, the NGO formed the Audiovisual Core, which contributes with video making for the favelas’ artists, cartoon and documentary workshops and the Urban Popular Culture Images Festival, created for movies from all over the country that have with main theme the villages and favelas and their cultural production.

Sell it or Exchange it

It is a test project made to identify and map the productive sector in the villages and favelas and strengthen the micro and small business in those communities. The work is developed with the utilization of the communication and information technologies and the solidary popular economy premises.

Publishing House

After the Prose Collection and the Poetry on the Headland being released, the Favela é Isso Aí NGO became a publishing house specialized on the editorial releases from the villages and favelas’ locals. Among this editions are pocket books written by the same authors of some of the stories of the Prose and Poetry; a book about urban popular economy; updates of the Cultural Guide and the Memory Bank, researches publications and design and fashion in the favela.

Communitarian Studio

The NGO’s head office has a communitarian studio for recording, distribution and accessory for the villages and favelas’ artists.